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Katy Bourne Trio – Bad Monkey Bistro – 10/07/10 – Seattle, WA

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Katy Bourne Trio
Thursday, October 7, 2010
All Ages
400 Boren Ave. N.
Seattle, WA, US 98109

Please note that there are THREE Boren Avenues. Bad Monkey Bistro is located on the corner of Boren and Harrison. 400 Boren Ave. N. is one block west of the bigger Boren Ave. Your best bet is to check the Bad Monkey website for directions.

Other Info
We're back at the Bad Monkey again! Joining me are Randy Halberstadt on piano and Larry Holloway on bass. This is a really fun little room, located right in the bustling South Lake Union neighborhood. More people need to know about it. Drop in!

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