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More writing:

My Open Salon blog
I write about all kinds of stuff here: politics, parenting, skinny dipping, etc.

Seattle Jazz Scene
Check out “The Jazz Hang.” My chatter about music venues & the local scene.

Life As A Tango
My blog for women over forty and the people who love them.

Musicians, Friends & Other Cool Folks:

Steve Korn
Steve is an amazing drummer, a kick-ass photographer & my good friend.

Randy Halberstadt
Fierce jazz pianist. Randy plays with mastery, beauty, fire and humor.

Jason Parker
Seattle trumpeter. Hardworking bandleader. Social media guru. Occasional life saver.

Chris Spencer
Chris is a wonderful guitarist & a true gentleman. He just opened a brand, spankin’ new recording studio. Got a project? Hit him up!

Darrah Parker
A truly gifted photographer & lovely lady. Thanks to Darrah, I take a camera everywhere I go.

Richie Aldente
Old-school soul + contemporary hippity hop = fun & filthy groove

Jazz Partners

Pony Boy Records
The mightiest, indie jazz label around, headed by Greg Williamson. I’m blessed to be part of this great family.


Warm vibe, great food & jazz seven nights a week. I love this joint. Gathering spot for many Pony Boy artists!

The Royal Room
The spot for jazz and hang in the south end.

Boppin’ Belltown nightspot.

THE place to be on Friday night. Jazz & Sushi!

Fabulous Miscellany

White Hot Truth
Danielle LaPorte is the high priestess of spiritual entrepreneurship. If she can’t inspire you to take the leap, nobody can.

The Middle Finger Project
You can do it your way. Ashley Ambirge will change the way you think about your life

The Art of Non-Conformity
Blog of Chris Guillebeau. “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.”

Infinite Ping
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When your neighbor hangs his underwear on your mail box, launch an empire.


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Katy Bourne is a Jazz Singer and Writer.