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The following are just a few examples of my work. Keep in mind that style and content will vary relative to the dictates of the situation.

Bios and such:

Clipper Anderson

Jennifer Jaspe

Richie Aldentepeth Savani

Origin Records/About Origin

Product Descriptions:

“Hymn”– Jon Hamar

“Eventide”– Brian Chin

“Laid Up in Ordinary”–Hood Smoke

CD Preview: “Heart Beat”– Purr Gato

Article: “My Role I Gotta Fulfill,” a profile of Tim Kennedy in Earshot Jazz Magazine

Web copy:  Not Just Jazz

Press Release: Dave Frishberg at Bake’s Place

Media Advisory: Wine Tasting at Sky City

Backgrounder: South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce

Testimonial: Lioe’s Automotive

Case Study: Art With Heart

Public Service Announcement: World TB Day

Op-Ed piece: Save the Orcas

Personal Essay: The Lady With the Dreamsicle Bible

Venue Review: Local Color Gallery

Favorites from my blog:

Get Out There & Kick Some Ass

Our Creative Lives: A Letter to the Critic

10 Ideas for Feeding the Muse

Grateful for Gay Kids

My Gigs

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Katy Bourne is a Jazz Singer and Writer.