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Genderqueer-Part III

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Kate Bornstein

Kate Bornstein



Stay with us. Don’t sink to the bottom

like a fish going to sleep.

Be with the ocean moving steadily all night,

not scattered like a rainstorm.


The spring we’re looking for

is somewhere in this murkiness.

See the night-lights up there traveling together,

the candle in its gold dish.


Don’t slide into the cracks of ground like spilled mercury.

When the full moon comes out, look around.











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  1. I love Kate (and her partner, Barbara Carrellas), when I lived in NYC I pet sat for them several times. They are wonderful, caring people with so much love and wisdom to share! I actually haven’t read My New Gender Workbook yet but I can’t wait. When you get the chance I highly recommend Kate’s original memoir, Gender Outlaw.

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