10 Things to Do Instead of Worrying About Ebola



Ebola has arrived in the U.S. and for the past few weeks, ever since Thomas Duncan was admitted to that Dallas hospital, we’ve been barraged with increasingly histrionic, 24-hour Ebola coverage. As more people become infected, a sense of unease intensifies. The media is slobbering all over this one, accentuating each report with pictures of people in hazmat suits and the little graphic of the virus under microscope. It’s creepy for sure. But should we be alarmed? I have no clue. I only know that I’m choosing not to. Here are ten ideas of things to do instead of worrying about Ebola.

  1. Step outside. Take in the glorious fall day. Fill your lungs with fresh, cool air. Exhale. Repeat.
  2. Get a flu shot. Your insurance probably covers it.
  3. Worry about the Seahawks offense. Frankly, this has kept me up more nights than any concerns over Ebola. Russell_Wilson_vs_Jets,_November_11,_2012
  4. Read James Altucher. He has thousands of ideas for cool things that you can do and none of them, to my knowledge, involve worrying about Ebola. James inspires me every day. As I’ve said before, he’ll take you higher.
  5. Send a check to Doctors Without Borders or Charity: Water.
  6. Help someone do something. It can be simple and close to home. Wash the dishes. Take out the trash. Throw in a load of laundry.
  7. Write a love letter… to anyone.
  8. Try a new yoga pose. If you’ve never done yoga before, check out a yoga class. There are wells of serenity deep within your own body. Tap them.
  9. Practice something– piano, knitting, your jump shot.
  10. Donate blood.

Still worried? Just stop it. As my sister always says, it’s never the thing you’re worried about that gets you. The guy who is terrified of getting cancer ends up choking on a piece of steak. So, if you’re obsessing about Ebola, you may inadvertently be increasing your chances of getting hit by a bus. Conversely, if you’re occupied with plans for your new vegetable garden, the love of your life may suddenly sashay into the picture, Chew on that. But don’t worry about Ebola.

Bonus idea: Get a new tattoo.

Bonus idea: Get a new tattoo.