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A Chill Wind Blows

POSTED ON May 11, 2022 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

We all knew it was coming. Still, when the news broke, via a leaked draft opinion, that the Supreme Court has indicated its intention to overturn Roe, it hit like a sledgehammer. Initially I felt numb. The brutality and its implications were overwhelming. But the numbness quickly turned to anger, which I still feel as ... Read More

Seahawks: Choose Your Own Narrative

POSTED ON October 13, 2021 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

  The sky has fallen, and Seahawks fans are losing their minds.  It was bad enough already. An easy (seemingly) win against the Colts in week one was followed by back-to-back losses, against the Titans and Vikings respectively, in weeks two and three. In these games, a Jekyll and Hyde quality emerged. Seahawks play in ... Read More

Covid and the Muse

POSTED ON August 31, 2021 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

Throughout the course of this pandemic, creatives, for the most part, seem to have fallen into two categories. There were those who took complete advantage of the lockdown, going into a kind of creative hyperdrive. They recorded new albums, wrote poignantly beautiful poetry and painted their own personal masterpieces. But then there were others who ... Read More

Anti-Trans legislation again (and again…)

POSTED ON April 07, 2021 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

Right now, 32 states have some kind of anti-transgender legislation on the table. If I’m doing the math correctly, there are 111 bills total. Obviously, some states have multiple bills. Texas leads the pack with 12, followed by Iowa and Tennessee with eight each. The majority of these bills either ban transgender athletes from participating ... Read More

My Wish for All of Us

POSTED ON December 22, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | 2 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, I plugged in the lights, put on the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas album (my favorite) and baked a pie for my neighbors. While I’ve eaten plenty of pie over the years, this was my first attempt at actually making one. Luckily, a dear friend (and source for the recipe) was available by phone ... Read More

COVID Journals: A Visualization

POSTED ON October 30, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 I’m out on the streets on Capitol Hill, in Seattle. I don’t know the hour exactly. People are everywhere. Cars are honking. Fireworks are popping. The scene is unfettered revelry. I’m simply standing here, taking it all in. Joe Biden has won the election, handing Donald Trump defeat in a suffocating ... Read More

COVID Journals: Fear of Death

POSTED ON October 07, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

Hello, good people. It’s been a while. I took a few months off to focus on wellness. Events were happening faster than I could process them. My brain became overloaded. I felt constricted from the stress. Emotions were heavy. Ultimately, my heart, mind, body and soul fell out of alignment. So I took some time ... Read More

COVID Journals: Mask Battles

POSTED ON June 25, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity.”                 – Stephen Hawking I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately, especially in regard to the current mask debacle that is taking place across the country. On Wednesday, the United States saw an all-time high in coronavirus numbers, with 38,115 new cases reported ... Read More

Trump vs. Trans, the assault continues

POSTED ON June 18, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

Last week, the Trump administration continued its assault against transgender and non-binary citizens by eliminating anti-discrimination protections granted in the Affordable Care Act. This move opens the way for federally regulated insurance companies and health care providers to deny coverage and services to transgender and non-binary people. The rule, which goes into effect in mid-August, ... Read More

CHAZ:Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

POSTED ON June 11, 2020 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

On June 9, after a multi-day standoff with protesters at the intersection of 11th and Pine in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Seattle Police Department abandoned the nearby East Precinct and left the area. This was after almost two weeks of protests over the murder of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. ... Read More

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