Seahawks vs Rams: All the Feels

Photo- Stephen Brashear, Associated Press


There is so much good news this week!

Yesterday, Damar Hamlin was released from the ICU at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and went back to Buffalo. He was admitted to the Buffalo General Medical Center, where he’s undergoing tests. His recovery continues to go remarkably well.  On Sunday, the entire league honored him at each and every game. Damar watched his Bills team beat the Patriots from his hospital room and tweeted to his fans and teammates.

Of course, the Seahawks beat the Rams 19-16 in an OT smackdown at Lumen Field on Sunday. While it wasn’t the prettiest of games, there were plenty of positives. The Seahawks defense turned up and turned out. Highlights include a sack party–five to be exact–at poor Baker Mayfield’s expense, with ten quarterback hits to accentuate the point, and a Quandre Diggs pick in overtime. Seahawks offense had a rockier time of it, but Kenneth Walker III rushed for 114 yards, and is now  the second  rookie in Seahawks history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season. Offensive rookie of the year, anyone?

Geno Smith had a weird game, starting with throwing an interception straight to Rams super corner Jalen Ramsey on the first play of the first drive. Geno seemed harried and frustrated. He threw his helmet on the sideline at least twice. Frustration aside, he still had his great moments, including a beautiful pass to Tyler Lockett for a touchdown and a scramble for 25 yards, taking an ugly hit from the aforementioned Jalen Ramsey in the process. In his postgame interview, Geno was uncharacteristically emotional. It’s understandable. This season has been a wild and unexpected romp. Geno’s story has delighted us all, but it comes with lots of pressure and unrelenting scrutiny from all directions. And now he gets to take his team into the playoffs. You’ve got this, Geno.

And finally, the Detroit Lions brought all the moxie Sunday night to beat the Green Bay Packers. This was the final piece necessary for the Seahawks to advance to the playoffs. Ironically, the Seahawks win against the Ram actually knocked the Lions out of playoff contention. Although they technically had nothing to play for, you wouldn’t have known it by their performance. They fought with heart and grit on every play. According to Dan Campbell, Lions head coach, they were determined to make sure the Packers did not get into the playoffs. Their mission was accomplished.  Seattle fans are forever grateful. To show appreciation,  many 12’s are donating 12 bucks to the Detroit Lions Foundation, which funds various organizations in underserved communities. To make a donation, go here:

After the Hawk’s win, I was thrilled. And when the Lions took down the Packers, I was straight-up giddy. My phone exploded with excited texts from friends and fellow fans. Twitter was ablaze in Seahawks joy. The evening ended with the best possible party for all of us. And all week so far, I’m still afloat, stupidly happy as the song goes.

The Seahawks meet the 49ers for a wild card playoff game on Saturday afternoon. The 49ers are perhaps the best team in the league right now. But winning or losing doesn’t really matter. We weren’t supposed to be here in the first place. And I’ve got all the feels.


“Tell someone you love them today.”

-Damar Hamlin