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“Honesty is overrated, Floyd said as he grabbed another doughnut off the tray. With coffee dribbling down the front of his shirt, he continued. “Nobody really cares how you feel or what your opinion is about this thing or that or the other. See, people don’ts got time for all that. They want short, quick and easy.” He wiped his mouth on his sleeve. “They just wants you to shut up and git her done.” His employees shifted in their seats, incredulous and crestfallen that fate had brought them to this place.

Welcome to Weirdo Simpatico!

Katy Bourne’s playful collection of one-bite narratives explores the peculiarities and nuances of the human experience and celebrates the weirdo in us all.

Each of these very short stories (less than half a page) − from Roxanne refusing to friend her grandfather on Facebook to Gloria’s strained relations with the neighbor’s dog – presents a snippet of a larger conundrum and reflects the more idiosyncratic proclivities of human nature. “I like to think of the stories as tiny pokess that give the reader a mental double-take,” says Bourne, “and inspire further reflection as to the who, the what and the why. I believe that we all have our quirkier tendencies and unique ways of being in the world. Weirdo Simpatico is a microcosm of what we all really are, at least on some level.”

The stories in Weirdo are freakishly representative of the kinds of things that are running through Bourne’s mind at any time. “My brain is a perpetual circus of inane drivel, entertaining observations and ridiculous speculation. Our fellow inhabitants on this planet are an endless source of intrigue for me. I make up stories about people I see everywhere. When I celebrate, I take everyone along with me. My hope is that Weirdo is an extension of that.”

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Katy Bourne is a Jazz Singer and Writer.