Seattle Seahawks: It’s a Wrap

It’s taken me a few days to get this post written. Whenever the season ends for the Seahawks, whether regular or post, I go into a bit of a slump. It can range anywhere from a mild melancholy to a full-on existential funk. The depth and duration depend on how well the season did or didn’t go. The only exception to this pattern was, of course, 2014, when the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII. I was out of my mind for weeks after that…but in a good way.

There isn’t much more to say about the Seahawks wild card loss to the 49ers last week. They gave it hell in the first half, briefly giving us false hope that they could achieve the improbable. Sadly, the second half told a different story. Our team and dreams fell in a soul gutting 23-41 defeat.

My slump level at present is on the mild melancholy side. Big picture, this season was so much more than we’d expected. And there is reason to be optimistic about the future. In my mind, we saw a foundation of something that could be very special.

The Geno Smith story was as magical and poignant as it gets. After a rocky start with the Jets, which included a broken jaw at the hands of a teammate, stints with the Giants and Chargers and three seasons as backup QB for the Seahawks, his moment finally came. And he rose to it. He led a fledgling team to a winning season and put up stats that had sports media everywhere abuzz. Even more, he inspired his teammates to rise above the naysayers and won the hearts of the Seahawks fan base. If there were ever a case to be made for perseverance, Geno Smith is it.  And after almost tens years in the NFL, it feels like he’s just beginning. Although he enters free agency this year, there are promising signs to indicate he will continue with the Seahawks.

The rookies shocked, awed and delighted us all. They tore up every game, playing at unprecedented levels for NFL neophytes. Kenneth Walker III is in the running for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Tariq Woolen, who is among the top in the league for interceptions, made the Pro Bowl. Rookie tackles Charles Cross and Abe Lucas played the whole season as starters and held their own pretty well. Is there room for growth and improvement? Sure. Still, this particular group of rookies brought a freshness to the franchise that we haven’t seen in years. It will only get better.

And then there’s the 2023 draft. The Seahawks have nine picks, two of which are in the first round at 5th and 20th. The possibilities are delicious. It’s impossible to predict what John Schneider and Pete Carroll will do. It seems that beefing up the defensive line is a priority. The interior offensive line could use some more formidable muscle as well. The draft is April 27-29. Between now and then, there will be much discussion and analysis as to what the Hawks will do. I’m all about it.

Although my post-season despair is nominal, there will still be a period of adjustment to life without football. Of course, I’ll watch all the playoff action, but the weeks beyond that will feel desolate. I’ll go through the usual routine of rediscovering Sundays and catching up on all the chores I’ve fallen behind on. My sister is coming for a visit. There are friends to hang with and various social engagements to distract me.  And then it will be spring. All will be well again.

Until then, go Cowboys! Stomp the Niners into the dirt. Thank you.