Announcing My New CD!

I am super duper, uber stoked to announce the upcoming release of my new CD The Wind & the Sunshine! 

The Wind & the Sunshine is a 12-track mélange that features jazz renditions of KC & the Sunshine Band songs with me on tuba. Although I was not into this band during its heyday of the seventies– I was strictly a child of rock & roll–I’ve since come to appreciate the funky grooves and colorful flamboyance of this iconic group. As a tubist, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of combining the freewheeling sensibility of disco music with the cerebral heft of jazz improvisation. To this end, I could not have worked with a better group of musicians for this project. The band features Quincy Feaster on drums, Gustavo Bustomov on congas and cajon and Eric Pierce on washboard.

kcI have only been playing the tuba for a couple of years. In fact, I’ve been developing my tuba chops on the lowdown because of the potential perception of it being a conflict of interest with my singing. Playing the tuba requires a physical approach as much as a musical one. Clearly, it’s a big instrument and it takes a lot of wind power to push a note through its twisty, brassy form. To enhance my finesse, I often practice while running on a treadmill, usually set at a slight incline. This not only increases my breath control but also helps me build more muscle strength in my arms, back and shoulders. It was during one of these practice sessions that I got the inspiration for The Wind & the Sunshine.

Because of the very unique aural possibilities it presented, we recorded the entire CD in the family bathroom. I have to give a big thanks and high praise to George Dickeround for his masterful engineering work. George’s expertise on sonic reverb and ceramic tile was particularly inspiring.  yeb632_medium_jpg

The Wind & the Sunshine will be distributed exclusively through Starbucks, front and center on the CD rack, right next to the Hot Java compilation and Tony Bennett. If you don’t drink Starbucks coffee but still want to purchase the CD, let me know. We can work something out. I know people.

In support of this release, my band and I will embark on a tour, playing at senior proms throughout the state of Texas. For local fans, a Seattle release party is in the works. Details TBA.

The Wind & the Sunshine is my second CD. While I certainly don’t want to be guilty of tooting my own horn, I have to say that this is a very special project. I hope that you will pick up a copy of this CD. You’d be a fool not to.