Hang-a-Dang: A Celebration


delmarA month or so ago, I started writing recaps of some of the shows I’ve recently seen and posting them on the blog under the heading of “Hang-a-Dang.” The point of these posts is to provide little snapshots of what’s happening out on the local scene and to give a feel for some of the venues that are hosting live music. The idea for “Hang-a-Dang” came out of a lunch date with a friend and colleague. He was lamenting that not enough is being written about musical happenings in the area and suggested that someone should be out there doing it. I was inspired to step up.

To be clear, the posts in Hang-a-Dang are NOT reviews. I am disinclined to critique my peers and don’t feel qualified to do so anyway. Instead, my goal is to celebrate our vibrant Northwest music scene and to sing the praises of some of the stellar musicians and bands that are contributing to this vibrancy. On any given night, there is an abundance of great music happening in a variety of venues throughout the region. We are not only graced with a bounty of high level players but also an alluring diversity of styles and musical personalities. There are a lot of cool things happening out there. We are extraordinarily blessed. Hang-a-Dang is my small way of giving something back to a community that gives so much to me. It’s a love thing. If I can capture a snippet of the magic here and there and pass it along to you, then I am truly grateful.

While my hope is to post regularly, it will all depend on my own performance/writing schedule. I’ll do my best! I will augment my efforts by putting photos on Instagram with the hashtag #hangadang. If you’d like to follow me there, my username is “BigSwingTheory.”   To check out the Hang-a-Dang archives, go here.

If you like a particular Hang-a-Dang post, please share with your friends. This is one way we can celebrate together and make some collective noise about the exceptional music that is going on all around us.