Have Fun. Right Now. Today.


OK, OK, OK….

My inner child is picking her nose and wiggling in her seat. She’s come up with ten ideas for having fun right now. I’ve tried each of these and can testify that they all work. Let’s roll:

  1. Throughout the day, text weird and happy selfies to a select handful of unsuspecting friends and family members. They’ll enjoy it. You’ll enjoy it. Everybody wins. Yay technology!
  2. Strike up a conversation with a grumpy old person. Ask them ridiculous and very stupid questions. They’ll think you’re a moron– that’s OK– but they’ll engage with you anyway. Give them a story to tell the gang at dinner tonight.
  3. Stop worrying about what other people think. Stop it! Stop it now! *
  4. Sing out loud, as you stroll along the street or shop for produce. If they stare at you, look ‘em straight in the eye and double down. (Scat singers, this is a great way to practice articulating those pesky triplets. Mouth crunches!)
  5. Restraint on the dance floor leads to mental duress and physical afflictions. Move it. Groove it. Get way up in it. Summon forth your funky goodness. We’re all better for it. Get down. Now. And oh yeah, the dance floor is anywhere you want it to be.
  6. Don’t wait for other people to entertain you. Take the DYI approach. Crack your own ass up. This is the key to survival. God said so.
  7. Pick one of the Seven Dwarves that most resonates with you. Rock that persona all day long. Dopey is my personal default. It seems to temper people’s expectations of me.
  8. Watch this: http://youtu.be/KABUQxllGbk. Let your soul bounce. ¡Ole!
  9. Eat some gluten already. Start with a big-ass chocolate chip cookie.
  10. Annoy your boss with unrelenting cheerfulness. Accentuate every dialogue with “Roger,” or “10-4, good buddy.” You have absolutely nothing to lose with this. Trust me.

I said ten but I LIED! Here’s a bonus suggestion:

  1. Be a super hero for the week: The Human Ex-Lax. Your mission is simple: loosen up  your fellow man. Revel in inanity. Be infectious. Blow up barriers. Invite the world to stop taking itself so seriously.

So there you have it – 11 ideas for having fun, right now. No, this post did not give any helpful information for marketing your digital empire or living your best life ever. It did not provide tips for making more money or getting more “likes” for your Facebook page. None of that shit is important.  If it is, you can do it later. The older I get, the less certain I am about anything. But I do know this much for sure: As long as you’re having fun, everything else falls into place.

Now get out there and get it on.


* Credit to Martha Bourne for the eloquent “Stop it! Stop it now!” I’m still laughing, baby.