Hiatus: The Art of Recharging


A month or so ago, I made the decision to take a brief hiatus from music. For the most part, it was a purely practical move. I’ve been slamming on a couple of big writing projects. I’ve also been putting in extra muscle on this beautiful new website. Both of these have exacted an inordinate amount of time. Throw in practice, gigs and the daily demands of parenting and what you have is one frazzled chick. There are only so many hours in a day and one me. Something had to give, at least temporarily. Although it’s tough for me to concede that I can’t do it all, there is also liberation in that surrender. Sometimes when something – like a deadline or a launch – demands extra focus, the best thing to do is dial back in other areas. By making the choice to put music on the back burner for a short stretch, I alleviated the cumbersome sense of “should” and the guilty gnawing that comes with it. This has freed me up to work wildly, enthusiastically and without distraction. It’s also allowed me to take breaks to rest, as opposed to cramming my “to-do” list into every available minute of the day. Rest is critical to the creative process. I can produce from a place of fatigue, but the end result never really sparkles.

Taking a hiatus is not only a practical measure but a spiritual one as well. Over the past couple of months, there have been a few significant changes in my life. Attendant with these have come some challenges. Such is the natural current of human experience. But there are also cool and exciting things coming up ahead. I need a little time to absorb it all. This hiatus gives me the opportunity to recalibrate, retool, recharge and refocus. The prefix “re” means “again” or “back.”  By slowing down and clearing out the clutter of way too much to do, I am able to go back to the source and to reconnect with my intentions, both professional and personal.

A hiatus is a gift.

I haven’t set a definitive end date for this break but plan to be back in action soon, probably as early as November. Because of this hiatus, I will be able to resume my practice with a clearer focus and to jump back into gigs with fresh energy. I’m looking forward to some new musical collaborations and, in particular, an unbelievably hip project with my friend, teacher and mentor Greta Matassa. The world seems to be extending some dandy invitations right now. I’m catching my breath. I’m almost ready.