Music Landing

Jazz, like life itself, is a wild proposition. In any given tune, you don’t know what is going to happen. This is especially true when you venture into improvisation. We cultivate certain tools in jazz and hope that when the critical moment comes, our personal level of mastery is sufficient to serve our highest expression. It’s an ongoing process. Light sabers and the Force come to mind. I think it’s this challenge of the unknown that draws me to the art form. I am particularly intrigued with all things involving rhythm: changing meters, different grooves and feels, variations of tempo, etc. This is where things get really interesting.

For me, jazz is home. It is immediate and joyful. It’s a grand adventure. It’s mad fun. In my mind, there is no sweeter bliss than the synergy shared by jazz musicians when we play. I live for it. Jazz is the place where I am happiest.


Please check out my new project “Weirdo Simpatico LIVE,” a head-on collision between flash fiction and free jazz: