My Wish List: Seahawks vs Chargers

Week Seven- Seahawks vs Chargers. Let’s go!

Here’s my wish list for this week:

  • Offensive line like a fortress. The Chargers have a nasty blitz attack. I want our o-line to neutralize if not kill it completely. If they’re successful, I think this will be an enormous confidence boost for the whole line, especially the rookies. And it will also keep Geno on his feet.
  • No punts. In his tenure with the Seahawks, punter Michael Dickson has been a reliable weapon. A freak of nature,  he’s consistently landed the football within the 20-yard line (sometimes even 10) and flipped the field, much to the consternation of opposing teams. But debacles of late have become a liability. I don’t know what’s up with the dude, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt for him to take a break this weekend. We went puntless in Week For against the Lions, and it seemed to work out for us.
  • No injuries. Of course, this could be on this list every week, and it’s certainly always in mind. But looking across the league, there are so many teams just decimated by injuries. Of course, we’ve had our share; two particularly big heartbreaks were Jamal Adams and Rashaad Penny. Injuries are part of the deal. This is a violent sport. And no injuries are good injuries, for sure. But there is a difference between missing practice and/or being questionable for a game and a season ending disaster and a ticket to IR. It’s the latter I’m most concerned about, and I’d love for everyone to stay healthy Sunday.

Player to watch this week: Bruce Irvin. Bruce has officially joined the active roster and will be playing in this game. I’m excited to see how much mojo he’s still got. I’m also interested to see how his presence and leadership might bolster the defense. Last week was an improvement. Perhaps Bruce will be the fire to keep the beat going.