My Wish List: Seahawks vs Lions

Week Four: Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit Lions. Lions are favored to win by  3.5 points, for whatever that’s worth. Here’s my wish list for this game:

  • Win or lose, I simply want to see better play, across all position groups and every aspect of the game.
  • I’d like to see the defense contain the Lions running game. The Hawks have already been struggling with run defense, and the Lions are number three in the league for rushing yards per game. There’s no time like the present to for the defense to get clicking. Lions super weapon RB D’Andre Swift is out with an injury. Maybe that will help.
  • And speaking of run games, I’d like for the Seahawks to blow theirs open. Right now, they average 74.7 per game. If we could even break one hundred, I’ll go to bed happy tomorrow night.
  • Geno Smith to continue to play well. Aside from some late-game picks, overall, Geno has been enjoyable to watch. He moves the ball down the field, converts third downs and has something like a 77% passing completion average. Mostly, even when he has to scramble, he doesn’t stress me out. That’s a refreshing change. And Pro Football Focus ranked him in the top ten for their weekly quarterback rankings. Who knew?

Player to watch this week: Rashaad Penny, because run baby run.