Seahawks vs 49ers: PAIN

We all saw it. But for anyone who might have been lucky enough to miss it, here are a few things less painful than witnessing the Seahawks’ performance against the 49er’s last Sunday:

  • Slamming your hand in a car door 
  • A root canal without anesthesia
  • Passing a kidney stone
  • Multiple paper cuts and canker sores, all infected
  • Hanging out in a honey bucket on a sweltering day

Possible panaceas for the pain:

  • Face plant in a vat of melted chocolate
  • Drown yourself in music
  • Relive the glory days with Marshawn:
  • Get a lobotomy (if your insurance covers it)
  • Watch them play again this Sunday. Even if they lose, maybe they’ll at least play better, right?

“We’ve got to do everything better.” – Pete Carroll