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Six Things We Can Learn From Richard Sherman

POSTED ON October 22, 2013 | POSTED IN: My Blog | 23 Comments

Today I’m putting my hands in the air for the Seattle Seahawk’s fun-loving, shit-disturbing All-Pro cornerback and my new hero – Richard Sherman. I’ve been a Seahawks fan for a few years now but no player has inspired or delighted me quite like  the mighty Mr. Sherman. He’s spirited. He’s sharp. He’s intrepid. He’s the ... Read More

Gloom Busters-Seven Bloggers You Should Know About

POSTED ON August 12, 2011 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

It’s been a bit of a grim summer. With the relentless news of an economy trembling on the brink and a political divide that seems to grow uglier by the day, a gloomy pall has settled over our collective psyche. We’re fatigued. We’re weary. We’re increasingly frustrated with a situation that is, by and large, ... Read More

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