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POSTED ON December 31, 2011 | POSTED IN: My Blog | 6 Comments

The transition into the New Year usually has a certain ceremonious quality to it. We look back on the year behind us and reflect on whatever insights we’ve gained along the way. We usher in the year ahead with fresh resolve and robust optimism. At the stroke of midnight, we raise our glasses, shoot off ... Read More

Occupy Seattle

POSTED ON October 20, 2011 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

There are obviously a lot of opinions about the effectiveness and relevancy of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. Some view it as a disorganized protest that lacks a cohesive message. Others see it as a significant outcry against an economic/political system that is run amok by greed and corruption. The debate ticks on. But ... Read More

Our Creative Lives: Fear

POSTED ON July 18, 2011 | POSTED IN: My Blog, Our Creative Lives | 4 Comments

Fear appears to be an ongoing theme in the lives of many creative people, or so it would seem judging from what I see out on the blogosphere. On any given day, I come across multiple posts on this topic. I’ve certainly written about it myself a time or two. (Here and here.) For as ... Read More

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