“Katy is a smart, insightful writer with a beautiful command of her craft. Her musical knowledge adds further depth and dimension  to her work and her collaborative spirit and endless good nature has made working with her a true pleasure.” – John Bishop, Origin Records

“Katy Bourne is a great writer. Our band needed a professionally written bio for our website and press releases.  She was able to capture the essence of our brand and portray us in a unique and succinct way. Well written content is so important. Use Katy Bourne for best results.“– Claudio Rochat-Felix, Richie Aldente

“Gearing up to release my latest EP, I needed someone to write press releases to help push the record to radio and press.  I got in touch with Katy after seeing her work with Richie Aldente because she seemed to be able to strike a perfect balance between conveying excitement about the release and establishing a formal and informative tone that could appeal to a lot of readers.  She ended up crafting several different press releases over the course of our promotional campaign, helping us receive radio play on a Clear Channel station for our first single, reviews in local publications and the successful release of our music video.  Her attention to detail and her insistence on crafting an overall narrative for the campaign proved to be an invaluable part of the process, allowing us to tie together all the different parts of the promotion into something coherent and interesting.  Without her expertise and all the time she invested in the project, I would have been stuck with a product without a way to spread the word.  Her work was essential to the success of my record, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to watch and benefit from her work.”Spekulation

 “I recently asked Katy to rewrite a short piece of promo for Pearl Django.  In a very short while she came up with exactly what I was hoping to get, a concise, to the point, well written piece of promo.”– Rick Leppanen, Pearl Django

“After years of hacking together a music biography that always read like a dry career resume, I decided to hire Katy Bourne and see what a real writer could do with it. Katy approached my bio as a storyteller. She highlighted my accomplishments while conveying the progression of my music career in an engaging and emotional way. Through her fresh perspective, she found a deeper arc to my musical story that even I had not seen before. Not only did I get some great writing for my promo material, I got some new insight into my own musical path.”Cynthia Mullis, Analog Honking Device