Vote Your Vision

Midterm elections are a week away. Over the years, I’ve unpacked a lot of issues here on the blog. I don’t know that there is anything I can say on any particular issue that I haven’t said already. At this point, it ultimately comes down to what our vision is for this country and voting accordingly. Here is mine.

In my vision…

Elections are won by ideas and policies that resonate with the majority, not by voter suppression, gerrymandering or violence. And the will of the people is honored by the peaceful transfer of power.

Truth matters again. And critical thinking prevails over nonsense.

Transgender citizens can peacefully live in truth and occupy all spaces without fear of harassment, intimidation or physical harm. They have full access to gender-affirming care, regardless of age, and the agency to make their own life decisions without interference from others.

Abortion is safe, legal and accessible in all fifty states. Women have complete autonomy over their bodies and their reproductive choices. Birth control is available to everyone, again regardless of age.

Public servants can do their jobs safely, free from nefarious threats to themselves and the people they love.

White dominate culture is dismantled. Racial equity is reflected in all institutions, systems and communities. It is the standard. It is the norm. And all of us are willing to do the work to keep it that way, even when the work is uncomfortable.

The rule of law applies to everyone. Sociopathic oligarchs are no longer allowed to game the justice system in order to escape the consequences of their misdeeds. Members of law enforcement are also consistently held to account for any harm inflicted on individuals or groups.

Sensible gun-control legislation is finally realized. Schools are safe again.

Hate is unacceptable. Mental health is prioritized.

We care about the planet enough to stop trashing it and we work collectively to mitigate the destruction of climate change.

ALL people have the resources they need –housing, medical care, education, food–to be healthy, safe and happy. Governments that see to the needs of their constituents are embraced as functional, not vilified and mischaracterized.

There are flaws to our democracy. It hasn’t served everyone. History, when told truthfully, confirms this. But I would still prefer to continue to try and form a more perfect union over living a white nationalist nightmare.

When I look around, I still see so many signs of goodness. Volunteers are cleaning up neighborhoods and  building playgrounds. Young people are making art in public spaces. Families are celebrating their elders and posting birthday photos on Facebook. Trees are being planet. Dogs are being rescued. Lunches are being made with love. People are caring for other people in big and small ways. My heart wants to go all-in on humanity and to believe that we still share a common decency and fundamental compassion for our fellow travelers. This is crucial to the realization of my vision. But my head is not quite there yet. The rest of you will show me which was right.

Vote your vision. Please.