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Chloe the Sumo Wrestler

POSTED ON April 29, 2014 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

  Chloe is a retired sumo wrestler who lives in my head. I brought him on board about a year ago. Although he’d recently retired from professional wrestling, he was still looking for some action and I needed help. Chloe provides a security detail of sorts. I have these little thought bubbles that often evolve ... Read More

Our Creative Lives: Slammed

POSTED ON December 01, 2011 | POSTED IN: My Blog, Our Creative Lives | Post A Comment

    Lately, I’ve been slammed: psycho slammed. I’m working on a sizable writing job that will pretty much go until the end of the year. I’ve got another big ass job for one of my regular freelance clients. On top of these demands, I’ve been gigging a lot and also just trying to stay ... Read More

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