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Seahawk Football: Crazy at the Clink

POSTED ON October 07, 2015 | POSTED IN: My Blog | Post A Comment

Thanks to the generosity of my awesome pal Alma, I had the good fortune of seeing the Seahawks play the Detroit Lions on Monday night at the Clink.  Although I had been to a preseason game before, this was my first time to attend a regular season game and to witness the 12’s in all ... Read More

Seattle Seahawks: The Enduring Road of Love

POSTED ON February 02, 2015 | POSTED IN: My Blog | One Comment

Ugh. It’s a rough morning in Seattle. After reading multiple explanations from coaches and analysts, I get the thinking behind the play call. Still, the decision not to feed the Beast –arguably the best running back in the league – was an epic and egregious fail. I stand by my original reaction: “WTF?” Several have ... Read More

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